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Are You Measuring What Really Matters For Marketing?

The lesson I always share is don’t be distracted by vanity metrics. Instead, focus on solving problems for people and being of value to your community. While vanity metrics might provide a momentary ego boost, it’s the quantifiable improvements in market impact that truly elevate a business.

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magazine funnels DIY

Magazine Funnel Templates DIY

You asked for it and we are finally delivering! We’ve been working on this solution behind-the-scenes for awhile now and it’s finally here: – Magazine Sharefunnels for ClickFunnels Classic users! After three

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How to Write a Marketing Project Creative Brief [One Page + Simple]

If you’re like me, you’ve hired many people to help you with marketing projects. Many of these projects turn out great, while some just don’t hit the mark. When projects come up short, it feels so frustrating because of all the wasted time and money spent to get an end result you don’t love. The answer to this problem is a very simple tool called a Creative Brief, which has been agency insider secrets for years…until now.

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