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How to Get Clients

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I don’t hate networking events, I just think they’re dangerous.

Here’s why: the biggest mistake I ever made as an entrepreneur was relying on word of mouth to build my business.

Running around to networking events as a primary lead generation strategy ended in complete disaster for me in 2013. Soon after opening my beach front Florida office, I unexpectedly faced back to back surgeries.

Over the next 2 years, my business suffered greatly because I was not able to “get the word out” due to my lack of media ownership and marketing systems.

It was a huge wake-up call when I had to permanently close the doors because I was too sick to attend in-person meetings.

I promised myself I would never let that mistake happen again and made it my mission to help other entrepreneurs take control of their marketing in the process.

That’s why this week’s video is so important.

You need a scalable alternative to getting clients even if you’re not currently facing a crisis like I did in 2013, even if networking is working well, and even if it’s new and scary.

The good news is you get to skip over all the trial and error and get straight to what works.

content marketing tips

Content Marketing Tips

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The CEO of ClickFunnels interviewed me after I posted and shared last week’s video with my community and one of his executives discovered me on YouTube.

Here’s the quick backstory: on Friday I had a call with the executive who discovered me and we started talking about my Instant Media Mogul™ magazine funnel business and he was blown away! He decided to take my story of the magazine funnel invention all the way to the top of the company resulting in me being booked on their show.

This is a huge win and has the potential to change the trajectory of my business and life in a huge way, so I’m pretty excited. Many entrepreneurs that I highly respect have been interviewed on the ClickFunnels podcast, so this is a big honor for me.

It’s crazy how just one video has the power to change your life!

That’s why it’s important for you to watch this week’s video on Content Marketing and the 3 questions you should ask yourself before pressing record or writing another word for a blog post.

clickfunnels review

ClickFunnels Review – 2021

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If you’re considering building an online sales funnel so you can generate leads on autopilot, this ClickFunnels review video will be helpful.

As a ClickFunnels user for over two years, I’ve personally built over 40 funnels for my business using this software. I’ve also built countless funnels for clients using a variety of website and funnel building platforms from WordPress to SpeakerFlow to ClickFunnels.

Each platform has their own uses depending on your goals.

This video breaks down exactly what I think about ClickFunnels, how I use it, when I don’t, and gives you things to consider before signing up.

Hopefully, this will help you make the right decision for you and your business.

what is a sales funnel

What is a Sales Funnel? (and do you really need one?)

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What if I told you that it’s 100% natural to feel overwhelmed by marketing and sales?

Marketing coaches don’t usually speak that frankly, but it’s important that truth be told.

The big reason why 9 out of 10 business owners that I meet resort to word of mouth marketing alone is that it can be intimidating to learn skills that they don’t teach in school.

I have a master’s degree in business and a bachelor’s in communication and I was never taught how to make marketing work as an entrepreneur in school!

So, it’s completely understandable to me that professionals in law, medicine, financial services, consulting, retail, the trades, and other highly competitive industries would feel like tackling marketing is just out of their wheel house.

The problem is that without learning modern marketing techniques it is nearly impossible to scale and grow efficiently so you can spend time doing what you love.

It’s the reason why I create a free high quality video every week and is the mission that propels me forward.

In this week’s video we take it back to the basics so you can see the four main keys to automating your marketing and creating true freedom in your business.


what is a magazine funnel

What is a Magazine Funnel?

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Build Your Authority + Email List at the Same Time Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible with a Magazine Funnel!

A Magazine Funnel is a Powerful and Impressive Way to Wow Clients, Prospects, and Referral Partners Plus Generate New Interest in Your Business.

Instant Media Mogul™ The #1 Original Magazine Funnel created by “The Mother of the Magazine Funnel” Jen DeVore.

Deliver compelling 100% custom, high quality content and WOW away the competition! This is unlike any other publishing process for professionals.

This is truly transformative marketing that positions you as the go-to expert while making it easier to build your email list and close better deals.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Creating content for a magazine sounds like a lot of work. Do I have to write all the articles?
With our process, you will leave the heavy lifting to our editing team! Do you have blog articles that are relevant, but not getting the views they deserve? Let us repurpose your existing content into fresh, new articles. If you don’t have existing content, we will show you how to get your industry influencers and key strategic partners to become contributing writers. We’ll even give you the email template to send them that makes this process simple, easy, and fun!
 I wrote a book for my business and that process was expensive and time consuming. Is creating a magazine like writing a book?
The main reason why our clients decide to publish their own magazines is because we’ve made the process a lot faster and more affordable than book publishing. You can have a magazine funnel created and launched for a fraction of the price it takes to launch another book. In fact, it’s so much better, that most of our clients decide to publish a new magazine and refresh their funnel quarterly with fresh content.
 What do I do with the magazine funnel after it’s published to help my business grow?
Using our proprietary process, we will give you access to 24 proven strategies to get more attention, generate more interest, and close more high value opportunities using your magazine funnel. If you desire media interviews, stage opportunities, “foot in the door” conversations, strategic partnerships with influencers, better clients, or just a simple way to stay top of mind with your existing contacts, Instant Media Mogul™ has you covered.
 Who owns the content of my magazine funnel?
YOU! Everything we create for you is 100% custom to you and will not be found in any other publications. This is not an “off the shelf” publishing experience like other magazines out there. You will own everything that is created for the magazine. The funnel set-up will be done on your existing website and tied to your existing email marketing system and social media channels. If you don’t have these tools, we will create them for you.
 What does “funnel” mean?
The Instant Media Mogul™ system is not just a magazine, it is an entire Attraction Marketing funnel system done for you and backed by our 100% proprietary system of 24 marketing strategies. This system is designed to help you get more attention, stay top of mind, and land the business opportunities you deserve. What’s included is your magazine as both a digital and print version, an opt-in page for subscribers, an email nurture campaign, a makeover of your social media pages, a set of social media graphics, and copy-paste promotional posts. We also provide a Media Kit to help you land advertisers and brand deals if you choose to monetize by offering ad space. You also get access to our phone call scripts and email templates to help you land brand deals, contributors, media interviews, and stage time if you’d like.
 Do I have to sell my magazine or do I give it away for free?
Depending on your unique business goals, you could do either or both. Most of the time, our clients simply give the online magazine away for free as a digital download to build their email list. Then they print up a short-run (50 or fewer) and send the printed copies to key decision makers, prospects, and clients. Set up a call with Instant Media Mogul CEO Jen DeVore to talk through what makes the most sense for your marketing plan.

Magazine Funnel – Debut at Dan Kennedy Event

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“You attract into your life what you desire and focus on.” This quote by Dan Kennedy became a real life manifestation for me on July 30 , 2020 when I stepped on stage at a Magnetic Marketing virtual seminar on magazine funnels as one of a handful of expert presenters on direct response marketing.

Before I get to that, let me set the background story…

In 2015, I was introduced to Dan and his NO BS style of marketing and business growth when I walked in the doors of one of his national conferences as an attendee. I must admit his gruff no-nonsense style was a bit intimidating to me at first. Dan isn’t as much concerned about your feelings and ideas as much as he is your results. He dishes out tough love instead of sugar coating what you need to hear. I’ve come to love and appreciate that about him and adopted some of his style as my own.

In 2017, at my second big conference for GKIC-NO BS Inner Circle, I started to picture myself on stage presenting my success to the community. It was a way to hold myself accountable for getting real results in my business.

Three years later, that vision became a reality.

Darin Spindler, the new face of Magnetic Marketing™ and my interviewer on stage this week, put it to me straight as we were reviewing show notes when he said, “I’m surprised by you. Dan has always said that women with hyphenated last names are usually repelled by him.”Darin Spindler and Dan Kennedy

I almost laughed as I smiled wryly. I realize I’m not the prototypical woman in business since I am the champion of the “Boss Women Rock” mission and a conservative capitalist at the same time. I love going against the grain.

The reason I was asked to present to the Magnetic Marketing™ member community is because I’ve created a simple yet effective marketing system called “The Magazine Funnel” that helps service professionals build their authority and their email list at the same time so they can monetize faster and without the headache that comes with setting up the tech.

I first built the system for myself and after getting jaw dropping results, created a done-for-you system for clients. Businesses in a variety of different industries are dominating their competition and making the phone ring with my industry leading magazine funnel process now.

I call it Instant Media Mogul™.

Here’s why I created the magazine funnel:

You need to build authority, but your fortune is in your list. Instead of wasting $20K to publish a book on Amazon and relinquishing access to the buyer list, a magazine funnel accomplishes both goals at a fraction of the cost and in about 1/10 of the amount of time.

Here are some of my clients who have benefited from a magazine funnel:

  • a data forensics company whose #1 source of leads (attending industry conferences) was eliminated due to COVID-19. In the first 60 days, they’ve generated 40 leads from their magazine funnel.
  • the leader of a Facebook group who had over 1,500 members, but not one email in her database and needed to sell out her conference and monetize her members. Mission accomplished. She also booked an interview with Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul and put him on the cover of her magazine.
  • a famous YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers who knows he needs to move his subscribers onto his email list if he wants to monetize his new virtual mastermind. The magazine funnel is his bridge to sell more to existing fans.
  • a female custom home builder who needed to dominate the “good ole’ boy network” in her city. Within 2 weeks of her magazine funnel launch, she booked a $400,000 project.
  • a new business coach who needed a way to get booked on stages so she could use speaking as her #1 lead generation strategy. In the same year she launched her magazine funnel, she was booked to speak Internationally and won “Innovator of the Year” for excellence in business coaching (yep- that was me!)
  • an endodontist who needed a way to generate referrals from the general dentists in his community.
  • A 60 year old family owned metal roofing company who has only ever relied on word of mouth and has generated 39 leads from online marketing since launching a magazine funnel. Their roofs are selling like crazy during an economic crisis.

Everything I preach, teach, and practice can be directly attributed to Dan Kennedy and what I’ve learned and implemented by being a student of Magnetic Marketing™. It was my great honor and privilege to share the stage with Dan.

To learn more about magazine funnels, please visit

Magnetic Marketing™ is a registered trademark of GKIC-NOBS Inner Circle. All rights reserved.

magazine funnel

Magazine Funnel – Instant Media Mogul

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Image is everything.

Like it or not, if you’re selling services, your credibility is everything.

Are you trying to land clients in a competitive industry and looking for a way to build credibility that doesn’t take years?

Or, are you ready to take your message to a larger audience and need a tool that represents you with quality and prestige?

Having your own magazine and an automated system for nurturing your subscribers to the next step in your process is guaranteed to WOW buyers.

Here’s what many people overlook: leveraging a magazine is more than just a pretty cover. You need a system on the back end set up and done for you that makes your future clients feel supported and nurtured.

With a high level of quality, we’ve made it extremely easy and simple for you to attract, convert, and retain clients at a fraction of the cost that it would take you to publish a book, create your own TV show, or launch a multi-step digital marketing campaign.

Not to mention, we handle all the logistics around creating content, managing your brand, and getting the message just right.

Once you lock in your publication, you will experience first-hand just how fun marketing can be!

If you want to see an exciting video with case studies click the link below.

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How to Generate Leads for Your Business: Match Your Marketing to the Way that People Buy

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The Buyer’s Journey: Match Your Marketing to the Way that People Buy and Generate Leads

Today’s consumers are savvy and skeptical. They’ve seen it all, heard it all, and expect more out of the brand’s they do business with.

They’re tired of the pitch-fest, brand focused advertising that floods the airways and clogs up their social media channels.

Instead, they demand to be wowed. They demand to be informed. They demand a better experience from the first touch-point to the last.

The problem for most business owners and marketers is that the old school marketing education that is perpetuated by the small business institutions is outdated. It’s fluff-filled, brand focused, “look for the next sale” strategies have resulted in dismal high failure rates for small business. 

The fact that 80% of small businesses fail is a problem that these institutions continue to ignore and instead focus on selling their memberships instead of helping businesses truly grow.

Once I left my corporate career as the head of advertising at NASA Kennedy Space Center and started to consult with business owners and other marketers, I started to realize that there was a lot of bad information out there about how to market a business.

So I decided to do something about it.

I set out on a mission to pull back the curtain and shed light on the truth about how to really make your marketing work.

I know that for the Entrepreneurial Spirit to thrive, we need to break the cycle and get real. It’s time to take back the American Dream.

Here’s the big idea: If you want to generate new leads, you must match your marketing to the way that people buy.

Understanding The Buyer’s Journey

The key to generating leads is understanding the Buyer’s Journey. The Buyer’s Journey is a marketing and sales concept that basically begins with the idea that regardless of what you sell and who you sell it to, your customer’s are on a problem solving journey. 

There is a problem they have that they don’t want and a pleasure or outcome they want that they don’t have.

Understanding exactly what the problem is that keeps your customers up at night is the first step in getting your marketing to work on social media or even offline.

You must know what that problem is in your customer’s language.

Without using industry jargon or trade terminology, how would your customer’s describe that problem in their own words?

If you feel like you’re too close to it and don’t really know what words your customer’s would use, here’s a simple hack to getting the answer: ASK THEM!

Conduct five interviews with your ideal, perfect prospects and clients and write down what they say about it. Use those words in your customer focused marketing.

Next, the key to making this work is to understand that only 1% of consumers who see your marketing messages are “Now Buyers” meaning they are ready to buy from you or hire you now. 

The vast majority, 99% of the market isn’t aware of the problem you solve, isn’t convinced they need to solve it, and doesn’t know which vendor to choose.  If you only use Tactical Marketing to market to “Now Buyers” you’re missing out on 99% of the revenue and market potential. 

The key to tapping into the 99% of hidden revenue potential is that marketers should match their marketing to way today’s savvy and skeptical consumers buy and provide information that moves them along the Buyer’s Journey.

How to Generate Leads: Apply the Buyer’s Journey to Social Media 

The key to creating a strategy that matches your marketing to the way that people buy on social media is to create content focused on the three types of buyers:Buyer's Journey - generate leads

  1. Future Buyer’s
  2. Soon-to-Buy Buyer’s
  3. Now Buyer’s

Social media content ideas for future buyer’s include:

Live videos that breakdown the hidden costs of not solving a problem

  • Video interviews with experts on related topics
  • Testimonials from happy customers
  • Daily “behind the scenes” posts to your stories
  • Update your social media “bumper sticker” (your cover image, profile photo and About Us section”) to focus on your customer’s desired outcome
  • Be the guide – post conversation starters on your pagesBuyer's Journey

Social media content ideas for soon-to-buy buyer’s include:

  • Live videos that cover frequently asked questions
  • Autopost your blog posts to social media
  • Announce your next live event
  • Give your reader’s a downloadable gift (ex: a Checklist)
  • Move your social media fans to your email list
  • Reply to comments with open ended questions

Social media content ideas for now buyer’s include:

  • “Deal of the Day” offers
  • Create default replies so your customer gets an immediate response when they inquire even if you’re busy
  • Capture hot leads and send them a personalized message
  • Install the Facebook pixel on your landing pages so you can retarget website visitors with ads
  • Set up referral links for your strategic partners
  • Interact personally on other pages in your niche (neighborhood Facebook groups)

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey and applying it to your social media marketing efforts can take you from an unwelcome pest to a welcome guest in your customer’s social media feed if you match your marketing to the way that people buy.

Create the inspiring, educational, and fun content that will WOW buyers and watch your business grow!

About Jen DeVore Richter

Jen DeVore Richter is the former head of advertising for NASA at Kennedy Space Center recently awarded “Innovator of the Year” for excellence in Business Coaching. She is a professional speaker on the topic of marketing as well as women in leadership. Jen is a Certified Platinum business coach globally recognized for her fluff-free, results oriented approach and mastery of direct response marketing messages.

publish your own magazine Instant Media Mogul

How to Publish a Magazine

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If you want to be seen as the go-to expert in your industry and monetize your message, a magazine is the celebrity choice and now is the savvy entrepreneur’s choice as well.

But, you’ll need more than just a pretty cover to make a magazine work for your business.

Having your own magazine can be a fun and rewarding experience when you think about all the attention you will receive, but how do you know that a magazine can be a money maker for your business?

You ensure success by crafting a plan that accomplishes at least one (and maybe more) of these goals:Instant Media Mogul

  • acquisition of new leads from your website
  • opens doors for bigger opportunities (speaking engagements, interviews, etc.)
  • referral campaign to best partners
  • newsletter to top VIPs
  • follow up and reactivation campaign to past clients
  • internal marketing piece to increase client spending

Joanna and Chip Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper debuted their lifestyle brand’s magazine with the largest retailers selling out The Magnolia Journal on Day One.

Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine maintains success after 18 years even while audiences move from TV.

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond from Food Network fame launched a magazine to capitalize on her 25 million social media fans.

Even movie stars like Gwyneth Paltrow are launching magazines because it’s “very legitimizing for the brand—and a really interesting way of … getting across our point of view and what our values are.” 

Success leaves clues: celebrity brands thrive with magazines.

Are you next?

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Publish your own magazine YouTube Video

How to Publish Your Own Magazine

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You want to to build your authority and credibility FAST without wasting time and money? Today I’m going to share how to create your own magazine funnel to get new prospects, new clients and more respect from your peers. I applied this exact formula in my business and it resulted in me winning “Innovator of the Year” for business coaching globally in 2019. Watch this video and steal my Magazine Funnel Formula!

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