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5 Key Actions Savvy Entrepreneurs Take To Become Known as the Authority in Their Industries

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In this age of popular TV shows such as Shark Tank, The Profit, and How I Made My Millions, today’s top stars aren’t just movie actors and musicians anymore. Now they’re movers and shakers and entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran, Elon Musk, and Daymond John. This phenomenon of entrepreneurial-based entertainment is creating a new type of celebrity—the “celebrepreneur.”

These celebrepreneurs stand out because they have established themselves as the authority figures in their industries by not only being successful business owners, but also mediasavvy marketers.

As a consumer, there are a sea of options in every field—from legal services, business coaching, health and wellness, and more. Now, instead of wading through the pile, consumers do business with companies that have high profile leaders and emulate those whom they look up to in media.

This movement impacts nearly every industry, including yours. If you would like to separate yourself from the competition and earn attention as THE authority in your industry, you will want to master the 5 key actions savvy entrepreneurs take to become known as the expert in their industries through authority marketing.

5 Key Actions Savvy Entrepreneurs Take To Become Known as the Authority in Their Industries | Authority Marketing

1. Develop your unique value proposition and Claim to Fame

Develop a unique, credible, and authentic personal brand that will position you as an industry authority. Begin by determining what sets you apart from your competition. What’s your unique point of view, values, and proven process?

To get started, complete this template for your unique value proposition by filling in the blanks:

I work with __________________________ who want to ___________________________ so they can ____________________ and _____________________.

Additionally, identify your Claim to Fame, which is the thing that only you have done or can do.

Examples of a Claim to Fame:Jen Richter Author

Write a book

Become a featured writer on a high profile online magazine

Develop and document your proven approach or unique system

Obtain a special certification

Win an award

Accomplish a major feat

Do something unusual

2. Create and market your unique content and insights

The goal is to create content that will provide value and attract new customers. Your aim should be to build an audience using original content, such as videos and blog posts. Incorporate lead magnets into your content marketing plan. Lead magnets are a way to build your email list by providing valuable content to your audience for free in exchange for their email address. This is important because you will nurture your prospects through time, build trust, and grow your online sales funnel.

authority marketing toolkit

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Here are 5 authority marketing ideas:

1. Howto blog posts

2. Top 10 lists

3. VIP access videos

4. Free report

5. Ebook or white paper

3. Actively pursue media publicity

Boost credibility and establish your place as an industry expert through media coverage and placements. Publicity and endorsements present you to your target audience as the better choice over the competition. Leverage all publicity by showcasing it on your website, social media, and other marketing collateral.

4. Become a professional at public speaking

Elevate yourself to expert status and monetize your expertise through speaking engagements relevant to your industry. As an industry authority, your point of view must be unique and you must have a proven approach, compelling story, or experience. Business speakers are elevated to expert status when they approach these opportunities with professionalism and showcase a high standard of delivery that provides their audience with value.

Action tip: Can’t find a stage to speak from? Make your own. Create your own events to boost credibility and reach new audiences. Selfhosted workshops, events, and retreats are a lucrative way to build expert status.

5. Write a business book on your expert topic

Establish yourself as the go-to expert in your industry by accumulating your expert ideas and experience-based knowledge by developing an industryspecific book. Due to technology advances, business owners and experts can now self-publish instead of signing with large publishing houses. As an added bonus, book authorship complements public speaking and solidifies your credibility.

If your competition is closing in on you, the best way to separate yourself from the pack is to establish yourself as THE expert in your industry. By capitalizing on your expertise, you can gain an edge and build a customer or client base that is loyal to you. Someone in your industry is the authority, why not you?



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Jen DeVore Richter: Small Business Speaker and Personal Branding Expert

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Jen DeVore Richter is a marketing expert, seasoned business owner and influencer often asked to speak professionally to women’s business groups.Personal Branding Speaker Jen DeVore Richter

After an achievement filled career as a marketing executive with ABC TV, Kennedy Space Center, and a Fortune 500 pharma company, she made the transition into entrepreneurship in 2003. On the heels of running her own award-winning photography studio and then marketing consulting firm for 9 years, Jen co-founded Boss Women Rock where she spearheads strategic marketing for agency accounts and provides insightful solutions as a consultant.

Her expertise in marketing and creative approach to business has culminated in a co-authored book, Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success, now available on

She was recently named as a Contributing Writer to the Huffington Post with featured articles on personal branding and small business marketing.

As a small business speaker, Jen is on a personal mission to encourage business owners to reinvent their lives, reenergize their businesses & reconnect to their purpose.

To book Jen as a speaker for your group, please call (904) 382-7255 or tell us more by email.

Praise for Jen DeVore Richter as a Small Business Speaker

“Poised and articulate, Jen brings glamor to branding. Whether she is diving into an improvised skit or speaking in front of a crowd, Jen’s energy, passion, style, and charisma sends home a message. Consummate professional, easy to work with.” -Barbara Colaciello, Former Assistant to Andy WarholJacksonville Women's Leadership Forum Panel

“Jen is a ROCKSTAR! She spoke as a panelist for the 2016 Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum on being a resilient leader and navigating social media while creating your personal brand. The attendees loved her perspective and the stories she shared. My favorite thing about Jen is her infectious personality and energy which comes across whenever you are in her presence.” – Shelby Westerman, Florida Blue

“Thank you so much for speaking to our chapter today! Your presentation got me really looking at my business, strategies, and the type of marketing I do.” – Angie P., Entrepreneur

“Thank you so much for speaking to our chapter today! Your presentation got me really looking at my business, strategies, and the type of marketing I do.” – Angie P.


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Balancing Your Work and Faith

Balancing Your Work and Faith

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I’m a Christian. I’m also a business owner. I am a member of a wonderful family- Christian Women in Business. For me, those two worlds are where I spend the majority of my waking hours. I’m either growing in my faith or growing as an entrepreneur. Recently, I’ve been struggling with reconciling the two worlds and seeing how or even if the two can merge.

Christian Women in Business

After working for years to become an expert in my field, I have been given the honor and privilege of having a platform. I am a published author, workshop leader, and now speaker. My work is narrowly focused on helping other small business owners achieve their goals by giving them the tools, systems and knowledge they need to succeed in marketing and grow their companies. 

I am building a brand not only for myself, but for the agency in which I am a partner as well. I have two business partners whom I am proud to be in business with and our company Boss Women Rock, is not a “Christian company.” However, we are a company filled with positive, loving, and giving people. To be clear, we’re not like Chik-fil-a or Hobby Lobby publicly proclaiming to be built on “Christian” values.

Recently, I’ve been working with a coach to help me refine who I am as a presenter, speaker, and person who wants to inspire other women. As a mentor, Pegine challenges me to dig deeper, push harder, and examine who I really am. As part of my work with her she challenged me to interview 6 Power Women of the National Speaker’s Association, of which I am an Academy Member. These women are at the top of their field as speakers and also happen to be Christian.

What I found from my over 8 hours of interview time with them was that there is no “right” formula for balancing faith and work. Some choose to proclaim it loudly and work exclusively in the Christian market, while others work in the business market and choose to just live out their Christian values. We are Christian Women in Business.

As I continue to refine who I am as a follower of Jesus, business owner, and speaker, I am refining my message and looking for women that I can educate with business insights, but also encourage with my love and potentially even, my faith.

I am curious to know if you have found the balance in your work and faith lives and would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. 



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3 Things I Learned at the National Speaker’s Association Conference About Being a Better Public Speaker

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Have you ever had that feeling when you walk into a room of new people and think, “YES! These are my people! I am home!”

In July, I was fortunate enough to attend the National Speaker’s Association conference Influence 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona with one of my business partners, Kenny Harper. Wow! What an amazing experience and group of people that are making a difference in the world by inspiring, motivating, sharing with and educating others.

Jen and Kenny at NSA conference

(l) me (r) Kenny Harper

These people are professional speakers because they have turned their life journey into a tool to help other people and lift them up. Their life journey could be a personal success story, a business success story, or even a triumph over tragedy and defeat.

We all have this human experience in common and it is possible to take your life and use it to improve the lives of others. That is what I seek to do. To LOVE with my LIFE.

These people are my people.

In an effort to pay it forward and share some of the concepts I learned at Influence, I present:

The Top 3 Things I Learned at the National Speaker’s Association Conference About Being a Better Public Speaker

  1. Be yourself. – when building a personal brand, it may be tempting to look at the industry leader’s and want to mimic them. DON’T! Be yourself and don’t be afraid to stand out. If that means wearing a red suit coat when everyone else wears blue or having pink hair, be true to yourself.
  2. Share your story. – being in the spotlight doesn’t mean you have to put on a false air of success. The road to entrepreneurial freedom is full of potholes, so share with your audience what you learned in the downtimes.
  3. Focus on the journey. – success doesn’t happen overnight in the public speaking business or in any business, for that matter. Focus on the big picture of why you’re choosing this path and who you are trying to encourage.

If you’re struggling through a tough time right now, whether it is a business setback, a personal hardship, or you’ve just run out of shows to watch on Netflix and are in a grumpy mood, I’d like to give the reminder to focus on what matters and enjoy the ride! You never know how your story will encourage someone else.


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Grow Your Consulting Business with a Book

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Writing a book is not just for creative writers. It can be a very valuable tool in your marketing strategy and can help you grow your consulting business, without even having to sell one copy! Writing our book Amplify Your Business: A Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success has me reflecting on the process. Although it was a lot of work, it has turned out to be very rewarding. It’s like leaving your legacy behind for others to enjoy and learn from.

I’ve met so many people that have either tried to write a book, thought about writing a book, or want to write a book but they’re not sure how to start. The purpose of this blog post is to give you inspiration to get started writing the book that is inside you.

Why to Write a Business Book

C0-Author of Amplify Your Business

I am a professional communicator. My job is to be able to effectively communicate client ideas from a source to their audience in a way that matters to them. Sometimes I am:Jen DeVore Richter author

  • a translator
  • a content curator (sharing other people’s ideas)
  • a content creator (creating new messages)
  • a writer
  • a photographer
  • a video producer
  • a marketer
  • a strategist
  • a business analyst

Through the book writing process for Amplify Your Business, I learned that I am also an EDUCATOR and I seek to be one that inspires. So, my career goals have changed. I no longer seek to only be an agency owner, I seek to be a teacher to entrepreneurs and professional women in particular. Since making this change in my mindset, I’ve opened myself up to speaking opportunities and have even started taking on leadership roles at my church. What a blessing this book has been to see myself differently!

When I began my marketing and communications career, I knew that I wanted to own an agency, but never thought about writing a book. The inspiration for our book came from seeing a need. Business owners needed some foundational knowledge that would help them make better marketing decisions. I knew we could save them time and money if they were armed with the right info.

The first thing we did was put faces and names to actual people in our lives that we knew could benefit from such a book. That was helpful: putting the persona together. Then we worked on the concept and content.

I’ll get into planning to write a book in a later blog post, but the thing I want to nail down today is just to inspire you to think about one question:

If you could help others by writing a book, who would you help? What would it be about?

Just begin to do some reflection and meditation on that concept and see what comes up for you. I think you’ll begin to see yourself and your consulting business differently.

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creative thinking strategies

3 Tips to Maximize Creative Thinking While Planning for Success

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I’m not creative.

I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.

My company doesn’t like us being “different.”

Being “artsy” just isn’t my thing.

Jen in Acting Workshop

Jen Richter fueling her creativity with Emmy Award Winning Producer at an acting workshop

If any of those statements above resonate with YOU then this post is important for you to read. It is especially important if you are a business owner, a leading professional or in any way responsible for achieving some level of success at work or in your life.

For some of us, being creative comes naturally. It is part of our DNA. I happen to be one of those people. I was the kid selling arts and crafts at the end of her parent’s driveway in 5th grade instead of lemonade. I had a drafting table in my bedroom when I was in high school. Doing creative things is part of who I am and how I express myself.

For others, being creative may not come naturally. It is a skill that needs to be practiced and nurtured. This is not just so that you can fill your house withe the most popular Pinterest projects. Creativity is an important aspect of achieving success whether that is at work, in church or in your local hobby group.

Creative thinking allows you to remove barriers, see in fresh perspectives, and solve problems is unique ways. Creativity can actually help you achieve success in whatever form that means for you.

“Creativity is the intelligence having fun.” –Albert Einstein

3 Tips to Maximize Creative Thinking While Planning for Success.

From Marketing Speaker, Jen DeVore Richter

Creativity Tip 1: Start with the end in mind and set a big goal.

Creative thinking comes from having a big goal. Whether that big goal is opening a second business location, publishing your first book, or just finally learning how to cook corn risotto, creativity is maximized if you pushing yourself to accomplish something that slightly scares and inspires you at the same time.

Put yourself out on a limb to push beyond your comfort zone.

Creativity Tip 2: Take time to get out of your normal environment and away from the daily grind.

Working ON yourself and ON your future is more important than staying busy in your daily grind. Don’t get caught in the trap of a full email inbox, a loud house full of teenagers or a hectic work environment. Make time away from your normal environment to meditate, journal, pray or just reflect to reignite your creative thinking.

Recently I read “a full email inbox as just a long list of other people’s problems.” Don’t let a long list of other people’s problems keep you from creating and achieving great things!

Creativity Tip 3: Get the opinions of those that are different from you.

Basically, what this means is get a fresh perspective. By opening up your heart, eyes and ears to others, you can grow creatively. Finding new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing and gaining new ideas and insights is important for growth. Immerse yourself in diverse learning opportunities and be open to seeing the world differently.

In summary, creative thinking isn’t just for artists. Creative thinking can help you achieve new levels of success. It’s just up to you take action and reignite your passion for life!

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How Your Online Image Can Make Or Break Your Career

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This blog post was inspired by an appearance I made on being a resilient leader for the Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum panel in the spring of 2015. Specifically, we spoke about how women can use social media as a tool that supports resiliency in their career, experiences, branding, and security. We examined how to rock your online image.


Resiliency means being able to adapt faster, navigate the ups and downs of business, and bounce back quicker when obstacles are thrown our way. In 2010, I decided to close my successful photography business I had run for 7 years. I was at the top of my game, but burnt out from working weekend after weekend and wanted to transition back into marketing. Managing my online profiles was a part of my photography business, and I recognized that those tools would be integral into communicating my new goal of restarting my marketing career to my connections.

How Your Online Image Can Make or Break Your Career

Control and consistency of your social media platforms = control of your public resume.

Share your new goals with online connections

  • jen devore richterExample: if you are a doctor and want to start booking speaking engagements, you would share this objective with your circle of influence. Share your passion and mission.
  • People want to help you succeed. But they don’t know what you’re trying to achieve unless you tell them. So, tell them!

Communicate your qualifications

  • Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is key.
  • LinkedIn is your silent salesperson. It’s like having your own booking agent. It’s always working for you. Ensure your profile is up to date.

Ensure all of your social media platforms reflect the best version of YOU. Professional photography is key.

Demonstrate your passion & professionalism

  • You can establish authority in your industry and be seen as an expert by sharing thoughtful, interesting, original content on your social channels. Plan out your content using a simple content calendar to keep your message focused.
  • You can demonstrate passion for your career by helping others. Let’s not take this too far. I’ve seen some pretty vocal, passionate posts on social that go too far.

Remember your audience and THINK before you post- is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind?

Successfully making the transition from photographer to marketing agency owner was done by actively and mindfully crafting what was on my social media channels. I shared my goals, communicated my qualifications and demonstrated my passion for my new marketing business. Without a carefully crafted online image, I would not have been able to make the move in my career.

What are you doing to manage your online image? Take inventory and make time to take action.


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why you need a personal brand

Why You Need a Personal Brand

By branding

Video Transcript

Hi! Jen here and the purpose of this video is to answer the question, “Why do I need a personal brand?” Well, you need a personal brand basically for one reason and that is to stand out in your industry, whether you work for yourself or you work for someone else. By owning and building and crafting and sharing your personal brand, you will be able to have better results at your career.

Jen Richter Author

Personal Branding Expert, Jen DeVore Richter

The job that you have today may not be the job that you want in the future and if you can explain to people what your value is, what makes you different from your competition, what you are the best at and why people would want to hire you, then that is developing your personal brand and can move you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

So if that sounds like something that is of interest to you, moving and building the life that you really want to have, not just living in the one that you have today, then building and creating a personal brand is right for you.

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What’s Your One Thing?

By branding

Video Transcription

What’s Your Claim to Fame?

Hey! It’s Jen and I wanted to take some time today to get you thinking about an important question that contributes to your personal brand and that question is, “What’s your one thing?” What do I mean by your one thing? Well, as a marketing agency owner, I often have interns from the local college come work with us for a semester and when I’m doing the interview process with them, I always ask them, “What’s your one thing? What’s the thing that you do better than anyone else?” and sometimes they scratch their head and they can’t really think about it or they just say something vague like, “I’m a creative person.” But that’s not a one thing, right?

Knowing Your One Thing That Makes You Unique is Key to Building a Personal Brand

So I’m looking for someone to hire. If I’m looking for someone to bring into my agency, I need to know what’s your one thing. What is the thing that you do better than anyone? This is your Claim to FameAnd you might not even be like a complete total expert on it, but you might have a different way of doing it. You might have a unique approach. You might have a unique outlook and if that is true, then that’s your one thing.

So I would encourage you, if you haven’t thought about what is your one thing, take some time to do that today and then leave me a note. Let me know. What’s your one thing? What are you better at than anyone else? I can’t wait to hear about it.

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4 key steps to reinventing your career

4 Key Steps to Reinventing Your Career

By branding

Video Transcript – Watch the Video HERE.

4 Key Steps to Reinventing Your Career

Hi. Jen here. The purpose of this video is to answer the question, “How can I reinvent my career?” You may be in a job or in a career that doesn’t really make you that happy. You might not be waking up each morning full of passion and energy about getting to work and if that’s you, you may need to think about making a switch. I have personally done this. So while I’ve been a marketing executive and a marketing professional for over 20 years and a business owner for over 12 years, I have made changes in my career that make me happier.

I first started out in Corporate America and I worked for some awesome brands. I worked at two television stations. I’ve worked at Kennedy Space Center. I’ve worked for a beautiful nonprofit that works with children in in-school programs, teaching them about the entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve also been a photographer and a business owner that way and also a marketing agency owner and while those jobs were related, they definitely required me to make a transition and I had four main things that I did when I wanted to make a change in my career and reinvent myself.

Four Main Things You Can Do to Reinvent Your Career

1. Learn a New Skillreinventing your career

Number one was that I learned a new skill. I took the time to take a class back at the college or at the community college, even though I already had a master’s degree. So it’s never too late to learn a new skill and I would encourage you to check out the online catalog at the community college and see if there is a class that inspires you that makes you want to make a change.

2. Make New Connections

The second thing that I did was that I connected with other people that I knew that were in that industry or in that particular career field. So for example, when I decided to shut my photography business down and make a move to being a marketing agency owner, the very first thing that I did was join the local Chamber of Commerce and that really got me connected with business owners and other marketing agency owners so that I could start to build my network.

3. Find a Mentor

The third thing that I did was find a mentor. Even if your mentor is an online mentor or a program that is online or a series of videos that a person is sharing with you to help describe and share life experiences, it’s important for you to find a mentor. If that doesn’t work for you, I would encourage you to find a mentor in person. Maybe that’s in your town or that you can communicate with over the phone or over email. So that would be really vital to help you move and transition.

4. Dig Deep to Find Out What Makes You Happy

The last thing that would be important to making a career move or a transition is to really do some self-assessment and some introspection into really what makes you happy and I don’t mean financially and I don’t mean by the job title that you have.

What is going to make you happy are the things that you’re going to do on a daily basis, right? So if you’re making a lot of money and you have a fancy job title, but the day-to-day activities of your life and of your job aren’t making you happy, then it might be time for you to reinvent yourself. I would encourage you to really dig deep and really think about what is it going to take to make yourself happy. What do you need in your life to make yourself happy?

So that’s it. Those are my four main things. Number one, go learn a new skill. Number two, connect with others that can help you in that new transition. Number three find a mentor, someone that can share insight or education about transitioning into a new career and number four, really do some self-assessment on what is going to make you happy. So I hope those tips help you with your process of reinvention.

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