How to Become Great at Sales – Lessons from Santa Claus

By December 18, 2018business coach
santa is best salesperson

I’m going to declare it to the world: Santa is the world’s best salesperson.

Think about it, Santa has represented every product and service known to man since 1840. Soda? Check. Toys? Check. Cars? Check. 

Literally, everything he touches turns to gold… the man is unstoppable! 

I break down how Santa does it in this video and give you the Top 3 Key Things he does for the companies he represents so you can ethically steal his strategies for your business.

Secret #1: He’s Memorable & Outrageous

Secret #2: He Makes His Work Fun & Interesting

Secret #3: He Focuses on Giving

Watch the video to learn Santa’s Secrets!

Watch the Santa Video

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