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How to Outline Your Magazine Content | Dead Simple Process

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The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book.” – Mickey Spillane

This quote by an American crime novelist who sold over 225 million copies of books is also true about magazine publishing.

A magazine is not just a collection of random articles. In order to be done successfully, a magazine self-publisher would be wise to think through the table of contents just as if they are writing chapters of a book. Each article should have a purpose and a goal.

In this week’s video, you’ll learn my insider process on how to outline your magazine content that makes readers want to take action.

You’ll also understand the key questions every self-publisher should ask themselves before going to print.

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Kindle Direct Publishing: Is It Worth It?

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As an entrepreneur, publishing your ideas and intellectual property is a great way to build your authority while diversifying income.

For the individuals that land a deal with a traditional publishing house, the process is pretty straightforward: the publisher pays you a retainer to write and a percentage of the sales.

For the rest of us mere mortals that don’t land a traditional publishing deal, self publishing or hybrid publishing is the best option. But, is Kindle Direct Publishing the best way to go if we’re doing it on our own?

In this week’s video we’ll take a look at Kindle Direct Publishing to see if it’s worth it or not.

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Review of | Is It Worth It to Pay $1.25 per Minute?

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Would you be interested in a tool that can take video or audio files and with the click of a button create the text for your blog or magazine articles?

If you answered YES then this week’s video is for you!

You’re going to L-O-V-E which is an online transcription service that can quickly and easily transcribe your audio or video files into editable Word documents or .txt files for only $1.25 per minute!

The best part is that has human beings work on the computer generated transcriptions also, the quality is top notch.

If you’d like $10 OFF your first order, please click HERE.

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Self Publishing on Amazon: Pros and Cons

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I’ll never forget the moment that my first book was published on Amazon. I thought I had hit the big time!

After spending two years working on a paperback book about starting a business, I was excited to get the project into the hands of my fellow entrepreneurs. Plus, it just sounds really cool to say that you’re a published author.

My co-authors and I were so excited to be able to grow our brand and business by tapping into what we thought was a huge distribution opportunity. Boy, were we sorely disappointed!

Here’s the lesson I learned: publishing on Amazon is like hosting your website on GoDaddy. Just because the website is hosted does not mean that anybody is going to see it.

Most of our book sales came from our own efforts and promotion to our existing clients, social media campaigns, and emailing our list. Almost no sales came from Amazon promoting or distributing it.

Plus, we were frustrated to find out that of the few sales that did come from Amazon, we were not able to access the contact information of our buyers which left us feeling like we left tons of money on the table.

In this week’s video, we will discuss the Pros and Cons of self-publishing on Amazon.

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Monetize Your Skills with this One-Page Revenue Plan

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Monetizing your business without a revenue strategy is like trying to drive cross country without Google Maps! 

Sure, you can get there eventually, but without a clear path, you’ll inevitably waste time and end up buying junk food from a truck stop in the middle of nowhere.

In under five minutes, I’m going to show you how to set up a simple one-page revenue planner spreadsheet that will motivate you to hit your monetization goals.

You just need Google Spreadsheets or Excel to recreate this valuable tool.

As Napoleon Hill says, “What the mind can believe, the mind can achieve!” It’s important to see and know where you’re going.

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6 Tech Tools You Need to Get Started Self Publishing a Magazine

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When you decided to become an entrepreneur, you aspired to change your corner of the world with your message, right? 

You dreamed of shedding light on a truth and bringing new solutions to the market.

As you started working on your dream, a “dragon” called Technology entered the picture. It reared its head in the form of websites, funnels, automated emails, and unknown algorithms.

All of a sudden your simple dream got complicated. 

In this week’s video, you will see the Top 6 Tech Tools every self publishing “Media Mogul” needs to get started publishing, monetizing, and marketing your own magazine.

Don’t let Technology be the “dragon” that keeps you from your goals! With the right Tech choices, you can become a dragon slayer!

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how to manage a magazine business

How to Manage a Magazine Business – MagManager Software Interview

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There’s a popular notion that in order to become an “expert” in any subject, you need to have at least 10,000 hours of hands-on experience.

If that’s true, then standing on the shoulders of industry giants can save you an awful lot of time as you launch a new business venture.

In this week’s video, I am thrilled to introduce you to a legend in the self-publishing industry who typically works behind the scenes.

This best kept secret is Mandy Mardell. Mandy is the Company Manager of MagManager, which is a software that helps publishers streamline their publishing process, manage advertising orders with ease, and track revenue like a boss!

Mandy’s claim to fame is that she has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs publish magazines in the last 16 years!

If you would like some advice on how to best run a magazine using software to grow your business, you do not want to miss this week’s video!

How the Magazine Publishing Process Works for Beginners

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If you’ve been following along with us on the latest YouTube video series about  magazine publishing, then this week’s video is going to be very helpful as I put the pieces together and walk you through the exact process from magazine idea to getting results.

In this video, you will learn the basic steps involved in self publishing a magazine so you can decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a publisher (like me) to help you.

Publishing a magazine is a great tool for:

• acquiring new leads from your website

• opening doors for bigger opportunities (speaking engagements, media interviews, etc.)

• a referral campaign to best partners

• a newsletter to top VIPs

• a follow up and reactivation campaign to past clients

• internal marketing piece to increase client spending 

• a product for sale on your website as passive income

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – ClickFunnels Interview

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What do the world’s top affiliate marketers do (and don’t do) to bring in six or seven figures in passive income each year?

What tips and tricks can you take from their experience to get started?

Those are the big questions we answer in this week’s video.

In this video, my friend who is the head of affiliate marketing and Relationship Manager at ClickFunnels, Turner Leslie and I are going to go over affiliate sales best practices that can be applied to your business even if you’re not a ClickFunnels user.

If you are a fan of his boss, Russell Brunson, you’ll get a kick out of the behind the scenes info Turner shows us as well.

Watch this video and steal the world’s best Affiliate Marketing Secrets!

Magazine in Print vs Digital: Which One Do You Prefer for Your Business to Make it More Successful?

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Magazine in digital or in print? Before you answer that question, here’s a startling statistic: did you know that the average reader of print and digital edition magazine issues is almost one hour per issue? Compare that to the fact that more than half of all web surfers spend less than 15 seconds on a website, and the choice is clear:

Magazines are a great way to get your message seen.

But, which type is best: Print or Digital?

Personally, I have published four books on my own, and eight of my very own magazines, plus numerous magazines for my clients and business owners who want to use a magazine to grow their business. So I’ve learned a thing or two about the pros and cons. 

So to talk about the pros and cons of self-publishing a magazine over self-publishing a book, I divided them into 3 categories, which are Publishing, Distribution, and Monetization. 

Self-publishing a book is basically considered the gold standard. But it can be very beneficial in helping you scale your business if you have a proven framework and you can also turn that into additional services, like coaching, consulting, and many others. 

Nowadays, it’s really not that difficult to self-publish a book. However, it probably will take you longer than self-publishing a magazine. So self-publishing a book can take a little bit more time, and involve a bunch more people than just self-publishing a magazine.

Moreover, there are lots of publishing sites that allow you to print on demand and even ship on demand for your magazines. Besides that, with a magazine, you can do a lot of things, like coaching, consulting, training, membership programs, and many others, as long as you’re building your list correctly. On top of that, you can make money on brand deals, sponsorship, and advertising sales as well. 

These are some of the unique benefits of publishing a print magazine vs publishing a digital magazine. You can learn more about the pros and cons by clicking the play button below to watch this week’s video and be sure to subscribe. 

Plus, I’ll share some proven strategies that will help you maximize profitability no matter what format you choose.