10 Facts I Wish I Had Known As a New Entrepreneur

10 Facts I Wish I Had Known As a New Entrepreneur
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Starting a new business venture can be an exhilarating process; one minute you’re high-fiving yourself in the mirror and the next minute you’re crying into your wineglass. 

The roller coaster of ups and downs comes with the territory, but each moment and misstep is meant to teach you something new.

When I reflect back on my over 19 years of entrepreneurship, I am so grateful for the lessons learned, dues paid, and personal development that I’ve gained. I’ve spoken on stages internationally, been interviewed on TV, won Innovator of the Year, helped my clients make millions of dollars, published books and magazines, received standing ovations, and had lots of other amazing experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I’ve also ended business partnerships, had my ideas stolen by competitors, fired clients and employees, and made more mistakes than I can count.

I also realize there are many people who could benefit from my experience. For that reason, this week’s video is dedicated to new entrepreneurs or established entrepreneurs who could use some fresh perspective. I’m sharing 10 Facts I Wish I Would Have Known as a New Entrepreneur.

To your success!

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