jen devore richter

As an entrepreneur, you’re in business because you have a service that you know changes peoples lives.

You’re a pro at what you do. The only struggle is that you need more people to know about it.

You need to get more clients.

The good news is that with the power of Attraction Marketing, we can make that happen.

The truth is that without strategy, tactics will fail every time. If you’d like to get off the marketing merry-go-round, we need to match your marketing to the way people buy to uncover hidden revenue opportunities in your business.

As a former Marketing Executive for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, I know what it takes to attract attention from your ideal, perfect people and convert it into measurable results and sales using a hybrid blend of modern technology and time-tested strategies.

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Jen’s “Cut the Fluff” Promise: I can uncover $100,000 in hidden revenue opportunity in ANY small business in 45 minutes or less. Guaranteed.

Shift your thinking, empower your team, and energize your company to new levels of marketing success.

Through my candid, concise, and fluff-free Attraction Marketing approach, we will:

  1. design a world class marketing & sales development process that attracts new business, leads, and clients to you

  2. create memorable hybrid offline and online experiences for your audiences & buyers building your list of people interested in what you do

  3. automate menial marketing activities giving you more time freedom, making your marketing more fun, and better results while reducing frustration