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Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jen DeVore Richter enjoyed an achievement filled career as a marketing executive working for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, a Fortune 500 Pharma Company, and ABC TV.

But, after a life changing health battle she decided to reinvent her life and began a personal and professional mission to inspire and empower women to reach their full potential.

The results of this approach include reduced career burnout, financial magnetism, and being seen as an industry leader – key concepts which can lead to greater income, influence, and impact.

Jen is a multi-published author, professional keynote speaker, Business Breakthrough Specialist, and the Editor in Chief of the Boss Women Rock™ magazine and host of the podcast on iTunes.

She is a media contributor frequently appearing on TV, radio, and podcast interviews across the globe.

She is well-known for leading a movement for Rising Influencers and “Boss Women Rock” is fast becoming the mantra for women in business.

Jen’s fourth book Boss Women Rock: How to Go From Best Kept Secret to Sought After Expert is now available on Amazon.


NSA Professional Speaker Jen DeVore Richter

Jen’s mission is to inspire and empower women to do and be ALL things.  Break down success barriers and receive a proven framework for achieving results in less time.

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Boss Women Rock Book

Boss Women Rock: How to Go from Best Kept Secret to Sought After Expert

Available on 

Forget the tired concept of chasing after clients one at a time only to face rejection after rejection–there is no need to keep doing what doesn’t work especially when the alternative is so much more fun and lucrative.

Whether your dream is to build a successful consulting business, grow your practice, or sell more services, Boss Women Rock has the blueprint.

This step-by-step guide to becoming a sought after expert teaches:

  • How to start even if you don’t have a big social media following, email list, or best selling book.
  • How to avoid imposter syndrome and the other BS false lies that will try to hold you back from shining your light.
  • How to share your story in a way that is relatable, exciting, and moves people to action without feeling braggadocious.
  • How to connect with an audience that will actually care about your message and buy your business’ products and services.
  • How to build your primary business offer for maximum profitability and impact while getting paid your worth.
  • Why direct response conversion and sales tactics prevents your marketing from just being a big waste of time and money.
  • How to leverage small stages and events for maximum income, impact, and influence when the big meeting planners won’t let you play in their sandbox.
  • Which systems and resources make this process a ton more fun and a whole lot easier without breaking the bank.
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What People are Saying About Women in Business Keynote Speaker Jen DeVore Richter

Jen Richter is an absolute ROCKSTAR! She spoke as a panelist for the 2016 Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum on being a resilient leader and navigating social media while creating your personal brand. The attendees loved her perspective and the stories she shared. My favorite thing about Jen is her infectious personality and energy which comes across whenever you are in her presence. Her knowledge and willingness to try new things to meet the needs of her clients sets her apart from others in the industry. THANK YOU JEN for being a panelist in the 2016 Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum and I can’t WAIT to see what you do next!!

Shelby Westerman | Florida Blue | 2016 Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum Board Member

Poised and articulate, Jen brings glamor to branding. Whether she is diving into an improvised skit or speaking in front of a crowd, Jen's energy, passion, style, and charisma sends home the message. Consummate professional, easy to work with.

Barbara Colaciello, Former Assistant to Andy Warhol

“I just want you to know that I had been considering owning my own marketing agency for years and hearing you speak gave me just enough something to do it. So...thank you! I'm better for knowing you.”

Steph Richardet

Jen's confidence, focus, attention to detail and driven personality are just some of the reasons she continues to be a tremendous example to all those around her and why I highly recommend her.

Katie W., Entrepreneur

The responses from the students about you were very good. They expressed many thanks to you for informing them about what they have to do in the social media marketing class and in college in general. I also express my thanks to you for helping my students. It was a good opportunity for them to learn from a person like you who runs a real business outside the classroom. Thank you for your card as well!!

Youngtae Choi, Ph.D., UNF

Not only is Jen's expertise on target, but her attention to detail, precision, and creativity insure that any project completed truly "Rocks". However, most impressive and admirable is her personal integrity and dedication.

Dr. Ron Fudala

Jennifer was the featured speaker for our UNF PRSSA Digital Marketing Panel event. Her presentation was an inspiration to so many students, showcasing her perspective as a business owner in the digital marketing industry. It was empowering and insightful to discuss narrowing our focuses to master a specific skill set and sell it to potential employers and clients. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her.

Allie Tucker, UNF graduate

Jen, I also want to thank you on behalf of the students who, I am sure you can tell by their questions and curiosity during and after your lecture, were greatly inspired. I’m certain it was a memorable and exciting experience for this group.

Reham Eltantawy, Chair/Professor, Marketing & Logistics, UNF

Jen, A great big huge thank you for taking the time to present to us. The ladies loved it and I have gotten such great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Angee Robertson, Managing Director, Polka Dot Powerhouse

Thank you so much for speaking to our chapter today! Your presentation got me really looking at my business, strategies and the type of marketing I do.

Angie P.

Great job! Encouraging- Challenging- Inspiring- Welcoming!

Marcia K.