From NASA’s Boardroom to Your Business

Marketing Keynote Speaker and Certified Virtual Presenter Jen DeVore Richter 

High Impact, Low Cost Marketing Ideas That Wow Buyers

How do you match your marketing to the way people buy and uncover hidden revenue opportunities?

This is the million dollar question that must be explored if you want to cut through the clutter of “status quo” marketing and create a rocket ship that can launch sales and grow revenue.

As a former Marketing Executive for NASA who has worked with industry leaders including The Ritz-Carlton, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and ABC-TV, I know what it takes to attract attention from your ideal, perfect people and convert it into measurable results and sales.

Jen’s Promise: Every presentation will have relevant, actionable strategies that are tested and proven to work that your participants can implement within 24 hours.

I will shift your thinking, empower your team, and energize your company to new levels of marketing success with a presentation customized to fit your unique goals and desired outcomes.

Through my candid, concise, and fluff-free approach, you will understand how to:

  • design a world class marketing & sales development process

  • create memorable offline and online experiences for buyers

  • automate menial marketing activities

Ready to launch your next marketing campaign to new heights? Let’s Go for Launch!

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Marketing Keynote Speaker Jen DeVore
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